Bruschetta Medley fine dining

Bruschetta Medley

A delicious assortment of french baguette slices featuring shrimp, beans, smoked salmon and capers salad.

Beef on The Glide.jpg

Beef on The Glide

Shredded beef smothered in peppers and onions served over fried smashed plantains.

Chicken Tacos.jpg

Chicken Tacos

Perfectly marinated zesty chicken smothered with citrusy slaw.

Chips & Guac.jpg

Chips & Guac

The perfect appetizer while you unwind.

Islander Hummus2.jpg

Islander Hummus

Our very own hummus served with multigrain pita wedges.

Mahi Tacos.jpg

Mahi Tacos

Fried and breaded mahi-mahi with guacamole and zesty slaw sauce.

Surfside Tuna.jpg

Surfside Tuna

Raw tuna drizzled with spicy cucumber, served on crispy rice surfboards

Sweet Sushi.jpg

Sweet Sushi

Fudge brownie rolled with homemade strawberry and raspberry marmalade.